Girls’ basketball heads to state


Emily Simons, Staff

Annie Wright’s varsity basketball team won the Nisqually league and is on their way to state. The Gators have gone undefeated in the league, but overall have lost 5 out of their 20 games, some by small margins. This is their second consecutive year going to the state competition in Yakima. Inkwell interviewed freshman Monee Dubose about her first season playing for the team. 

Inkwell: How do you feel about state, going in as a freshman?

Dubose: I’m very proud of myself, but at the same time I’m very anxious since you know there is always this feeling like I don’t want to mess up for the team, so I just have that type of feeling right now. But at the same timeI feel like, we’re gonna make it and we’re gonna do this.

Inkwell: Would you say that there is anything super special about the team, since you guys all work together so well?

Dubose: The good vibes that we give off and the sisterhood we have. And we just won’t give up. We always keep our heads up and all that. Even if we are down in the gutter, we always to try to keep our heads up and work together as a team.

Inkwell: Are you undefeated for league or for all of your games?

Dubose: …Undefeated in league, but for other games, 15  to 5, since we play bigger schools like Gig Harbor High School. We only lost by one point, but we don’t talk about it because we knew that we did good.

Inkwell: Do you enjoy playing basketball? 

Dubose: Yeah,  I like playing basketball. It’s not something I would do as a professional sport, but I’ve been doing it since first grade. It’s just been a part of my life; I don’t just play basketball, basketball is like a lifestyle for me.

Last Friday, the team played at Mount Vernon High School against Lynden Christian High School in order to gain a bye week and an advancement in the state tournament. The state tournament will be held in Yakima later in the week.