Seattle Sounders head to the MLS cup final


Sebastian Bush, Reporter

The Seattle Sounders will play Toronto FC, one of their biggest rivals, at CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle on November 10 in the Major League Soccer Cup final. 

On Tuesday, October 29, the Seattle Sounders played Los Angeles FC in the Western Conference Semi-Final, to decide who would go on to the MLS Cup Final. LAFC rose to an early lead with a magnificent goal from their Colombian midfielder, Eduard Atuesta. Our Seattle Sounders took little time to respond however, with two goals in the next ten minutes. In the second half, they sealed the win with a third.

This momentous win for the Sounders pushed them to the MLS Cup final, making this their third visit to the final in four years. 

CenturyLink has a maximum capacity of around 70,000 people, and normally sees about 40,000 spectators per match. With growing sales in Season Ticket members, the team held a pre-sale exclusively for these members. At 10:00 am, the pre-sale opened. Once every member had the opportunity to purchase a ticket, then the full sale began. By midday, the tickets had sold out. 

As of November 6, tickets on third party websites were selling for around $200 for upper-deck tickets, and mid-priced seats for over $600. 

Senior Sophie Jeter, a season ticket holder, said she has been a fan for years. “I mean I am just a big soccer fan in general,” she said. “They are the team in the area; they are easy to support. We have had season tickets for five years now. So I have been going to games for five years, but before that I was still a fan.” She said she believes that the game will be close, and when asked what she thought the score would be, she speculated that the Seattle Sounders would win in penalty kicks, after drawing 0-0 during full time. 

Although the stadium will be packed, tickets are still selling on third party sites. The Seattle Sounders vs Toronto FC MLS Cup final will kick off at 12 pm Sunday, November 10, with 70,000 fans cheering them along.