Blues find the spade


photo courtesy of Tiffany Wang

The senior class found the spade on October 18, less than two weeks before the deadline.

Kaitlin Tan

Last Friday, the Senior Blue Tie Class of ‘20 concluded their search for the spade when they found it hidden in the tower by the Upper School for Girls’ art room.

The spade is Annie Wright’s longest-standing tradition, dating back to 1891. The spade is presented to the upcoming senior class, but is taken and hidden by the previous graduating class. The senior class is then sent on a search for the spade via clues, having until October 31 to find the spade.

This year’s hunt for the spade differed from years prior as it involved teachers and focused on class collaboration. Originally, the last clue belonged to Rex Bates, but plans changed when he left for China Thursday afternoon. Subsequently, the final clue was given to Jeff Barber. 

Friday was the last day of the Seniors’ College Week, so Scottie Hill granted permission to the seniors to solve the final clue. Together, the senior class stormed Jeff Barber, who led the class to the tower. Two seniors, Emily Simons and Nina Doody, volunteered to go up to the attic where the search finally came to an end when they came down and hoisted the spade victoriously.

Senior Nora Mccarthy, who has been very involved in the spade hunt, said “I’m very excited because now I can have french fries for lunch pretty much every day. It was fun to find it!”

Now that the seniors have the spade, they are granted five automatic privileges. Those decided privileges are:

  1. Off campus lunch
  2. Off campus tutorial
  3. Civvies on the 20th of every month
  4. Blue cardigans acceptable as part of regular uniform
  5. Late in-rooms for resident seniors

In addition to these five, the seniors will be able to decide on eight more privileges.