Sullivan reveals information about “sketchy activity” at Garfield Park


Many Annie Wright students visit and utilize Garfield Park, which neighbors the school. Photo by Samantha Salamone.

Samantha Salamone

Yesterday Head of Schools Christian Sullivan revealed information about the “sketchy activity” taking place at Garfield park.

As many students may remember, on Monday, January 14,  Sullivan made an announcement to the Upper Schools about some form of “sketchy activities” taking place at the neighboring Garfield Park.  He set a protocol that students may not go to Garfield without adult company, such as that of a dorm parent.

Sullivan explained to Inkwell that he had been told that two cars were in the area appearing to be pursuing what looked like a drug deal.

After hearing of this incident, Sullivan made the announcement to the school, and contacted the police directly after. The police told him that they were going to “be making regular patrols and looking out for the specific cars,” as he made sure to give them specific details of the cars.

Sullivan heard from other sources that these cars had been seen in other places before the incident at Garfield.

Sullivan’s warning to students still stands, and he plans to check up on the situation after President’s Day weekend to see what the current situation is. He will let the students know when he feels the situation has been settled and they are  free to go to the park.