ASB executive officer election results released


Kelsey Seo will serve as next year’s ASB Head Speaker.

Allison Fitz

Results are in for next year’s ASB executive officers.

Head Speaker: Kelsey Seo
Mission Board Manager: Em Shi
Community Board Manger: Emily Simons

Seo and Shi both ran unopposed. Simons had two opponents.

“I am excited to plan fun events for the school…and take feedback to improve the events in the future,” Simons said. “And to really get my hands dirty with planning, and to get the pay off once an event is done.”

All elected officers will commit to the Student Life and Governance Activity next year.

Find the role descriptions of each position here.

Community and Mission Board class representative nominations for will run during tomorrow’s class meeting time. There will be up to two reps per board (per class), one day and one residential student.