ASB executive officer nominees: Meet the candidates


Allison Fitz

Next year’s Upper School governance will slightly shift in model. Instead of the current three executive roles of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer, the new model includes executive roles of House Speaker, Community Board Manager, and Policy Board Manager.

Also new next year, all elected officials will join the Student Life & Governance Activity, which meets four hours a week, for the full school year.

Read on for the role descriptions and written statements from next year’s ASB executive officer candidates. These statements are anonymous “to meet the words and ideas [of the candidates] before the person,” Dean of Upper School Annie Green said. Each candidate will be revealed at the Q & A panel with the Upper School next Tuesday April 24.


The Community Board Manager provides direct oversight of the Community Board, including secretarial and budgetary supervision. The purview of the Community Board includes planning and marketing social events, assemblies, dances, and other activities that bring our community together.

Community Board Manager:  Candidate A

“At Annie Wright, it seems that we talk about values a lot, and one value that always stands out to me is community. Annie Wright is a place that I can call my second family without any hesitation and it is a feeling I will always hold on to. Since community is so special to Annie Wright, it is something I would be honored to represent. I would be proud and humbled to represent my second family on a daily basis. Between day and dorm, I know I could accurately represent the community I am proud to be a part of. With five day boarding it allows for full immersion within all dynamic aspects at Annie Wright, and I understand the needs of others. With that I hope you consider me to be one of the pioneers next year for ASB!”

Community Board Manager:  Candidate B

“Social gatherings are very special to me. They are an opportunity to bring people together, to deepen their bonds of friendship, and to experience unforgettable moments. Over the last year, I have been working with Student Life and Governance to create events such as Casino Night and the pep assemblies. I loved working with others to make something for the entire community to experience. This year I also had the opportunity to produce Fright Night. I was extremely excited to lead many different crews such as make-up, costume design, script writing, props, tech, and set design. From helping to produce casino night, pep assemblies, and Fright Night, I learned to delegate tasks, lead meetings, budget, find and use resources, and incorporate student voices into planning.  Furthermore, because of the tools I’ve gained from these leadership positions, I am confident that I will be able to guide the production of amazing events next year. Not just because of my experiences, but because this is what I love doing.”

Community Board Manager:  Candidate C

“I personally feel inspired to run for Community Board Manager because I find joy in planning major events for the benefit of others, and being a major part in bettering the schools community. I want to make the planning and execution of Annie Wright events run smooth, but still grab everyone’s attention. In the eighth grade, I decided to run for senator of my grade and join the leadership class offered. With this position and learning experience, I was in charge of planning pep-assemblies and other miscellaneous community building programs within the school. That opportunity gave me hands on experience with not only coordinating events for my school, but also gave me experience in a leadership role. As I said before, I enjoy planning major events and being a part of bettering our school’s ASB functions. I think I could utilize these skills of mine to benefit the planning of the ASB functions and other miscellaneous activities here in the Upper School. Not only am I eager to take on this role, but I feel as if I am completely ready to take on everything that comes my way with the responsibility of being the Community Board Manager.”


The Mission Board Manager provides direct oversight of the Mission Board, including secretarial and budgetary supervision. The purview of the Mission Board includes policy support (such as uniforms, parking, dining services, disciplinary protocols) and co-curricular support (such as Chapel planning, Club funding, and development of wellness, service, and international mindedness programming).

Mission Board Manager:  Candidate A
“Throughout my three years attending AWS, for nearly two years it was a challenge for me to be closely involved in the school community. Until last year since I joined the Student Life and Governance activity, I was exposed to many more opportunities to plan events such as Fright Night Dance and Pep Assemblies, and to discuss rules and policies regarding student life, which are all experiences that brought me a clear idea of what it is like to step inside the community, and enabled me to gain more personal skills such as public speaking. Besides, being one of the class officers of the Green Tie class further practiced my ability to communicate explicitly and to work collectively with my peers. In the process of being more engaged with student life, I found it meaningful to put efforts in making the community more appealing, and I am sure that the skills that I gained from these experiences will be beneficial for me to be a good ASB officer and to keep reaching the goal.”


The House Speaker is the lead spokesperson of the governing body and the representative voice of the USG at large. This person runs governance meetings, facilitates discussion forums, leads Morning Meetings and Chapel, and manages communication between class representatives, students, and administrators. This person works closely with both the Mission Board and Community Board.

House Speaker:  Candidate A

“The reason why I am running for House Speaker is because I have never seen an international student as an ASB president before and I want to take a risk and make good changes. Even though I’ve been in AWS for about 2 years, I love AWS and I have many ideas. Even though I can’t understand all of you perfectly, I do know what I could and should do to help our whole community be more tight knit. My hope for the school is that everyone have fun. I know we all love having fun, but sometimes we get tired of homework, test, etc. I also would like to add new traditions and add more depth to the tradition we already have. I want to do and improve all these by creating lots of activities, like for new tradition, we could have not only have lip sync night, but also karaoke night or movie nights. I would like to tell you more about my ideas for next year, but the speech is limited by 200 words, so I’ll stop here.”