Upper School French community relieved by presidential election


Justine Anizan

Allison Fitz and Faye Prekeges

On May 7 Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency with a 66% majority victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Members of the Upper School French community react to the election results below.

Junior Mariella Beaurpere’s dad is originally from France. She and her family travel there often to visit their French relatives.

“I for one am very pleased with the results of the French election,” said Beaurpere. “Macron provides France a new party, ‘En Marche,’ that will bring a fresh and much needed change to the previous establishment. After watching Macron’s victory speech at the Louvre, it is clear that his rhetoric conveys a sense of compassion and dedication to the French people. I am excited to see what the next five years will bring under Macron’s leadership.”

Sophomore Lina BA was born in the north-eastern Paris suburb of Gonesse and spent five years there. She then moved to Villeparisis in north-central France and lived there for 6 years, and she then moved to Morocco.

“I just wanted to say that I am so glad that Macron got elected,” she said. “However, I was a bit shocked by the number of people voting for Marine Lepen. It is not nothing. I am still trying to figure out what motivated them to do so. Anyway, on the positive aspect, it is without any doubt that Macron will be a really good president.”

Upper School French teacher Olivier Soustelle is a citizen of France.

“Of course, it’s a relief to see this result for the elections,” he said. “The French people have for decades succeeded in thwarting the nefarious plans dreamed up by xenophobic, anti-globalist and nationalist politicians. They have again chosen to vote for the candidate offering the most hope for a future that puts forward the important role France plays in Europe and in the world, and continues to honor the promise of a vibrant, open society.”

Justine Anizan is a current exchange student from France at Annie Wright and lives in La Turballe, France.

“I think I am happy because Marine Le Pen is racist, and I believe Emmanuel Macron will be a good president for France,” she said. “I am very happy.”