7-year-old hit and critically injured near Annie Wright

Lexy Sullivan

On Halloween, a 7-year-old boy was hit and critically injured by a drunk driver just 6 blocks from Annie Wright, on North 9th and North I streets.


Bella Eisenhart and Nina Rubesch, two seniors from AWS, were on their way home when the accident occurred. Rubesch says that she saw the driver getting handcuffed and a bunch of reporters at the scene. Eisenhart saw the victim lying on the ground.


The driver tried to flee, but was held at gunpoint by a civilian, who claimed to be making the equivalent of a citizen’s request, until police arrived. Eisenhart confirmed, “The driver tried to run off, but another dad chased him with a gun and held him until the police came. I talked to some people on the scene who said that the drunk guy was driving at about 40 mph when he hit the kid.” The child is still in critical condition at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. The driver was intoxicated, and is being held on charges on vehicular assault.