Annie Wright Caucus: Feel the Bern

With the Republican party down to six nominees and the Democratic party down to two, more and more Americans are tuning into debates, informing themselves on stances, and seriously considering who their pick will be for the primaries this March. On February 10th, a poll was posted on Inkwell’s website asking Annie Wrighters which Republican or Democrat they would vote for. The results of this poll are shown below.

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The most surprising revelation in the data is the overwhelming support for Bernie Sanders, even though he is up against the candidate who could very well be America’s first female president. To some, like Madeleine Albright, being a woman and not voting for Hillary is a crime against your sex. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women,” said the former secretary of state. 

Not everyone agrees with this sentiment, however. Many women are of the opinion Hillary’s x-chromosome should not be the sole reason she is voted into office. From the results of the poll, it would seem that Annie Wright’s student body seems to agree with this policy, though Blue Tie Senior Cecilia Black has another opinion on the matter:

“I’m voting for Hillary because it’s about time that there’s a woman as President, and because with all the threats of terrorism recently I think that somebody who has experience as secretary of state is best equipped to manage the situation. And also, Bill Clinton for first lady,” said said.

‘None of the Above’ emerged as Annie Wright’s Republican frontrunner with Jeb Bush trailing close behind, speaking to the highly liberal nature of the school. The candidate with the fewest votes was Donald Trump, who received just one. This is an interesting contrast to the reality of the Republican polls, which showcase Trump as the frontrunner and likely candidate for the March primaries. 

Ted Cruz comes right behind Trump in the actual polls, and, maybe not so coincidentally, is also the next least-voted for Republican in the Annie Wright polls. Both Cruz and Trump harbor some of the more extreme Republican views, while Bush and Rubio, Annie Wright’s republican frontrunners, tend to take more moderate stances.