Grade 8 Students Eagerly Await Costa Rica trip

Annie Wright 8th graders are getting excited for their trip to Costa Rica May 13-20.

Inkwell got the scoop from Annie Wright 8th grader Abby Givens, who was visiting our activity during Scholar Search Weekend. So far, the itinerary of the trip includes zip lining, rafting, and a trip to an orphanage.

Givens is most excited about zip lining, especially because she has done it before. She said it will be nice to be together on the trip with the class, including the boys, for the last time in middle school. She is also excited to give gifts to the orphanage during the trip.

The trip will be a good test for her Spanish skills, to see if she is qualified to go on the exchange to Madrid in Upper School. Not all the students take Spanish, so it’s opportunity for the students who take Spanish to help their peers.