Exchange Students Return from Spain

The freshman and sophomore girls just returned home from seven weeks in Spain, immersed in Spanish culture through Annie Wright Upper School’s exchange program with Casvi School in Madrid.

We interviewed freshman Allison Fitz, Inkwell’s sports editor, about her experience. Overall there are quite a few differences between the two cultures.

“The people are very loud and outgoing. They’re all super nice too,” said  Allison, who made a lot of new friends on the exchange program.

The school day had some major differences as well. It started at 9:00 am and ended at 5:00 pm, which felt a lot longer than the school days we have here. The students were also allowed to go home for lunch, and then return to the school. The students stay in the same classroom the entire day and the teachers come to them, whereas here the students go to the teachers.

Throughout the two months Allison had little interaction with the American girls that went on the trip with her, which forced her to use Spanish and talk to new people. Overall it was a great experience that gave her more independence and showed her a lot more of the world.