Scholar Search Weekend: First Look at AWS

Natalie Doelman, an 8th grader at Evergreen Christian School, was one of 47 students who visited Annie Wright last Friday and Saturday for Scholar Search Weekend. Inkwell was interested to see what a newcomer thought of our campus and classes.

[wpvideo 80CdEsbA]

Natalie takes a short tour of Annie Wright with some Inkwell staff.

Doelman told Inkwell about her first experience at AWS: “The first thing I thought was this was a beautiful school. It really looked like a castle, not a school. I came here with a pretty open mind and didn’t really have any preconceptions.”

“Everyone is really welcoming. In my school there are lots of little cliques, but here everybody seems to be friends. The classes are definitely not traditional and I really like that. At my school the classes are more traditional and not challenging. I really hope that I can come here because I feel like it would be a better experience and also prepare me more for the future than other high schools.”