Get on Board: Hoverboards!

The hoverboard trend is sweeping the nation, from glamorous celebrities to high school students. A hoverboard is essentially a Segway without the handle. You use your weight to move, turn and break.


Freshman Agye Mintah received one over the weekend and brought it to the lounge, drawing vast attention from Upper School students.

Inkwell tested it out.

“It was pretty difficult. I had to get my bearings. Agye made it look so easy,” said social media editor Katie Erickson.

“I was really excited to try it because I’ve seen it all over Twitter,” said print editor-in-chief Lexy Sullivan. “I thought I was going to be good at it, but I wasn’t. I was really impressed by Agye’s skills, and I would definitely love to zoom around the halls of Annie Wright on a hoverboard.”

Bea Murga, an exchange student from Spain, tried the one her exchange family owns. “It was very hard to balance,” she said, adding that Hoverboards have yet to make it to Spain.

Hoverboards vary in price from about $225 to $550.