Ask Annie: Advice for Navigating Life at Annie Wright

Jake and class

How do I handle pop quizzes?
Not all teachers give pop quizzes. If they do, they try to give obvious hints like telling you to study carefully and then pausing for three seconds. The purpose of pop quizzes is to make sure you are keeping up with the material. As long as you are reviewing notes and reading the pages assigned, you will do fine whenever there is a pop quiz. When the teacher feels people are not really reading much, he or she would give a pop quiz to assess the situation. Most teachers at Annie Wright stay away from pop quizzes, but all your anxiety will be erased if you are making sure you are keeping up and understanding the material!

How do I get asked to homecoming?
First of all, you need to consider that for the most part, the boy is probably as awkward and nervous as you are. He probably wishes he could submit “How do I get a girl to go to homecoming with me?” to Ask Annie and get some of the best advice around. The key is simply putting the idea that you want to go to a homecoming in a big mouthed friend’s ear. The boy probably won’t ask you unless he is sure you will say yes. So, find your target and tell one of his big mouthed close friends that you want to go to the dance, and have the friend accidently let it slip to your target. He will most likely ask you, relieved to have found a match. Lastly, be confident and remind yourself that any boy would be lucky to go to homecoming with someone like you!

What should I do if I get my period in the middle of a class?
First off, don’t freak out. We’re all girls here, and everybody has dealt with at least one uncomfortable period situation in her life. Second of all, ask to go to the bathroom. The teachers here will most likely not tell you that you can’t go, and if they do, just tell them that it’s an “emergency” and they won’t ask any questions. As a general rule, always keep extra pads and tampons in your backpack. You should have a constant supply in there for when the time of the month surprises you. If you don’t have any feminine products, go to the nurse. She has boxes in her office and is happy to help you out. She deals with this kind of thing a lot more that you would think! She even has extra uniform pieces if you need to change. Most importantly, take a breath. It’s not the end of the world. Periods are a sign of good overall health and are not something to be upset about.

What should I wear to the Annie Wright dance?
Bring out the crocs. You may think crocs are for your dad, but you couldnt be further from the truth. Crocs are a key element to any successful dance outfit. Crocs are a breathable shoe and therefore a good option for the stuffy, hot dance room. As for the upper part of your ensemble, youll want to make sure people know that you go to Annie Wright and that you really belong at the dance. Wearing your class tie sets you apart from all of the other non-AWS girls and look great over any shirt. Sometimes girls even rock the campbell plaid skirt with the matching headband…school spirit is important. Another option is to wear a really, really, really short skirt. This will bring you major respect from all the other girls and guys there, and the teachers will think you’re really cool, Mr. Sidman especially. Jake even walks around the perimeter of the dance floor to check out the cool outfits! Add some spiky heels too so that you’re tall and everybody can see you. However, If you’re not really a crocs or spikes gal and prefer to blend in with everybody else at the dance, you could always just wear shorts or leggings with a shirt and shoes that are good for moving. Go casual, go cute, and don’t go overboard. Don’t overthink it guys.

What should I wear on civvies days?
Civvies days can mean different things to different people. To some, it can mean rolling out of bed in the morning, and basically getting dressed in pajamas again. To others, it is an opportunity to get dressed up, do their hair, and take advantage of the special chance to choose their own outfit. I would say that when the civvies days land in the middle of the week, most people will choose comfort over style, and Friday civvies will probably bring out a more dressy side of people. Just know that you will rock whatever you wear, on whatever day.