Puyallup Fair (WA, USA) vs. Villaviciosa Fair (Madrid, Spain)

The Spanish girls recently went to the Puyallup fair, and reflected on the difference between the Puyallup and their fair at home. The Puyallup fair started the 11th and ended the 27th of September. The Puyallup fair is much bigger than our fair in Villaviciosa, has more rides, and more food places. It runs for 3 weeks while our fair runs for 1 week.

Villaviciosa fair Puyallup fair
  • Smaller fair
  • Only rides
  • Cheaper ($3 per ride)
  • Different and smaller rides
  • Fewer food stands
  • No concerts
  • Only runs for 1 week
  • Bigger fair
  • Animals and rides
  • More expensive
  • Bigger rides
  • Lots of food places
  • They give concerts
  • Runs for two weeks