Warm Reception for Spanish Girls/ Caluroso recibimiento para las chicas españolas

This is the second year Annie Wright Upper School has participated in the Spanish exchange program with Casvi School in Madrid. This year there are six girls joining us for the first two months of school. The hosts are Allison Fitz, Holly Shadko, and Anni Liu from 9th grade and Rachel Wasyluka, Keyariee Cooks-Nixon, Raquel Berman, and Rachel Piatok from 10th grade. The Spaniards arrived on September 10, and their host sisters six greeted them at Seatac airport with posters and balloons in their hands.

anni and allison

Allison, Celia, Anni and Ana

First Impressions from Annie Wright 9th Grader Anni Liu

“HERE THEY ARE!” Keyariee screamed, running towards a group of girls that seem so foreign yet so familiar. Everyone started jumping into each other’s arms and started introducing themselves to each other. Was it awkward when we met them? Yes, but no. Meeting someone new for the first time is usually awkward, but we’ve been contacting each other over What’s App, Instagram, and Snapchat over the last 3 months. So many emotions mixed all at once, and all the nervousness went away; we were only left with excitement for the next two months.

First Impressions from Ana Boullon, Anni’s exchange student

I felt very happy when I saw all the girls running to us at the airport. Also I was very nervous and excited. When we all met, the sense I had was fantastic.

Afterward, in the bus, we all were so excited. During the trip everybody was speaking about a lot of different things. In conclusion, it was incredible. I had never had this sense, and all the girls were super nice to all of us. We took pictures and some girls gave us some beautiful gifts.

My first impression of Annie Wright School was very good. It looked like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter movies. All the teachers were very nice to us and we felt like if we were at home. All was very well organized and everybody helped us with the location of our classes when we were lost.

Also all was beautiful. Annie Wright School has very beautiful gardens and classrooms.

First Impressions from Annie Wright 9th Grader Allison Fitz

I’d pictured this day in my head for months, but it hardly compared to this moment. A few seconds after I realized that our Spanish sisters were standing right before us, I jumped into a 30-second tight hug. Feelings of excitement and nervousness blended together, but were both overcome with happiness. I smiled as I looked around as all of us sisters were united, because I knew that the next two months were going to be the greatest adventure of our lives.

First Impressions from Allison’s exchange student Celia Rodriguez

I felt so nervous but also happy when we were at the airport and when we met them. While we were on the bus everybody was talking, and then finally we arrived home… The family was so nice and I felt really good. The next day we went to school and we met all the teachers. Everybody was so nice. I have enjoyed America, my family and my new friends so far. Everybody helps me when I need it. And I love my host sister too.