Bumbershoot: Front Row

by Katie Erickson and Lexy Sullivan

Over Labor Day weekend, hordes of Annie Wright girls flocked to Bumbershoot Music Festival, located at Seattle Center. Featuring musical artists such as Zedd, Chance the Rapper, and Hozier, the festival was a guaranteed hotspot for Tacoma teens. Bumbershoot has been around for 45 years, and the popularity has steadily increased since then.

This year, we hit a record number of Annie Wright girls attending the festival. Not only was there a large A-dub presence, but also, the girls battled their way impressively through the weekend. Meeting each other up at the front of multiple concerts, people surrounding them were shocked to hear that they were all from the same school. Fighting to get to front of concerts, right in front of the artist performing, is no easy feat. Pushing, scratching, and spastic dancing are only some of the obstacles. Tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders made up the entire front row at the Key Arena Flosstradamus concert, with a crowd of thousands behind them.

[wpvideo FdhGRBDR]