The Music Issue


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It is Spring of 2023 and it is my fourth year writing for Inkwell. In my time here, I have seen this organization undergo a lot of change: I’ve seen it struggle, adapt, and grow. One such adaptation that Inkwell developed this year was learning to follow where our passions lead us.

It can, at times, be difficult to keep up morale. Inkwell is no small time commitment. However, despite the constant ups and downs of the academic school year, of their other extracurricular commitments, our Inkwell staff has always remained enthusiastic and diligent about their work here. We have learned to cultivate a good balance between the social and work aspects of Inkwell. Part of this, of course, is making sure that writing for Inkwell never feels like a chore. This is why we learned, as I said, to follow our passions.

We opened this year with the Kitchen Sink Issue: an opportunity for all of our writers to report on whatever they found most interesting. While we had our qualms about such a loose, unprecedented theme for an issue, the Kitchen Sink Issue ended up containing some of the most vibrant, in-depth articles I’ve ever encountered. I realized then how important it was that all of our writers had been truly excited about what they were working on. Their devotion and excitement could be felt through the inked letters.

From this point on, I decided that Inkwell would simply go where our curiosities led us. Brainstorming ideas for our next issue, while lots of lucrative and interesting ideas were thrown out, it was quickly clear that everyone had something to say about music: about their favorite artists, about the industry, and so much more. People were brimming with design and article ideas. And so, we dove right in. In your hands, now, is the product of months of creativity, months of researching, writing, editing. This issue is something we truly poured our best and hardest work into. On behalf of the entire Inkwell team, I am proud to present the Music Issue.



Sofia Guerra

Editor In Chief