What My Little Pony Characters our Faculty would Kin

December 2, 2022

Truly, this article needs no introduction! Though, as a disclaimer, only 7 faculty members are included.

Ms. Corrigan – Princess Cadance:

Ms. Corrigan is a ray of sunshine in the upper schools. While she’s a newer addition (just like how Princess Cadance was added later in the series,) it’s hard to picture anyone else as the head of the USG. She’s always friendly and wonderful with both kids and teenagers alike (a rare talent.) The title of Princess suits her.

Mr. Guadnola – Princess Celestia:

With Mr. Guadnola being the head of the schools, it only makes sense that he would be Princess Celestia, the pony who controls Equestria. Princess Celestia’s magical rainbow hair is on par with Mr. Guadnola’s stellar fashion sense. Also, if someone was trying to take over the school, Mr. Guadnola would definitely put them on suspension rather than firing them, like Princess Celestia banishing Nightmare Moon to the moon.

Mr. Stubbs – Pinkie Pie:

Name a day where Mr. Stubbs has seemed down—spoi ers: you can’t. He’s the human equivalent of Pinkie Pie—always smiling. Despite how serious calling someone by their last name can be, when Mr. Stubbs does it, it’s always in a friendly way that makes you smile. Pinkie Pie’s element of laughter can be seen through Mr. Stubbs’ unique tie collection.

Mr. Sidman – Zecora:

Let’s be honest: physics and chemistry are terrifying classes. But, like Zecora’s introduction, that fear is completely worn off by Mr. Sidman’s wonderful personality. With his hand-sewn vests, strict rules against technology and well- loved chalkboard, it’s not hard to picture Mr. Sidman in an earlier time period. Zecora, compared to the rest of the My Little Pony world, is just the same: she uses traditional medicines and remedies rather than the more modern looking solutions found in the city. She’s also very knowledgeable about, well, a lot—just like Mr. Sidman.

Abby Drivdahl – Discord:

I will not stay silent anymore: Abby is an agent of chaos. Every time I walk into her class, it’s with fear. Will she bully me today? Offer candy? Have us blindly debate a controversial topic? Sure, at her heart, she’s a good person, just like Discord, but that doesn’t mean that she always shows that side. In her class, there’s laughter—but also, half the time, everyone feels whiplashed.

Ms. Rubin – Fluttershy:

Ms. Rubin is the epitome of kindness, just like Fluttershy. If you ever have a problem, or a worry, or even just want to complain about something, her doors are always open. While she is definitely not as shy as Fluttershy, she remains gentle and just the right amount of soft-spoken when needed.

Mr. Graham – Applejack:

This pairing is kind of obvious. Mr. Graham tells it how it is, Applejack’s the element of honesty. Mr. Graham has a miniature farm, Applejack is an apple farmer. Mr. Graham is a Taylor Swift fan, Applejack is the persona of Taylor Swift in “You Belong With Me.”

My Little Pony is applicable to any place and time: how to approach your faculty (like revoking your friendship to make them remorseful, as Fluttershy did to Discord), how to treat others even if they’re different from you (Zecora and the ponies in the nearby town), or how to handle a coup (simply banish them to the moon for a few decades). If you’ve never watched the show, I 100% recommend it, if only so you can better understand this article.


This piece was originally published in Inkwell’s Kitchen Sink Issue.

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