The Kitchen Sink Issue


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In brainstorming themes for our issues this year, we struggled immensely to decide on any one category or topic. Our article ideas were all over the place and none of our staff could come to an unanimous agreement. We were at a crossroads, unsure what to do.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that flexibility is key. We’ve had staff members come and go, scrapped issues, articles and entire projects. It is incredible just how much change this publication has undergone during our short time on the Inkwell staff. Coming into our freshman year in 2019, Inkwell’s domain was limited to print issues and the occasional online article. Over the course of that year, we expanded into the territory of podcasts, something that was revolutionary for Inkwell at the time. In our sophomore year, Inkwell further increased its publications with the launch of Inkblots, a school-specific newspaper through which we first started to collaborate with guest writers and outside staff. Our junior year we entered with only two returning staff members and a surprise merger with The Shield, Annie Wright Schools’ yearbook (s)Elective. We took our first trip, adjusted to the new normal and worked around the clock to put out work we were proud of. Now, we’re finally seniors. With three different faculty advisors, two new publication types and one pandemic under our belts, we are prepared to face the year. We have been humbled and changed by the pandemonium that has been Annie Wright Inkwell. We have learned that tradition is nice, but not always the best way to move forward. We have learned to roll with the punches and be ready for anything.

So, instead of attempting to consolidate and inevitably limit ourselves, we ultimately decided to make this chaos into its own theme. Out of this came the issue you are reading today. In the name of fun, silliness and everything random, Inkwell is proud to present the Kitchen Sink Issue.

From eccentricity to Gen Z culture, cults to TV shows, this issue is filled with articles that are certain to entertain. Want to learn more about the U.S.’s chances at the 2022 World Cup? What about a local shop that is anything but ordinary? Ever heard of Slime Rancher? This issue is sure to be a wild ride, but we can guarantee you’ll enjoy it.


Sebastian Bush

Sofia Guerra