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In 2018, Inkwell traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia to explore Southeast Asian cultures, connect with the home city of a then-Annie Wright student and interview different people from across the region. Through short articles, interviews and stories, the team cataloged the day by day on Inkwell’s website. 

At the start of 2019, Inkwell went to the San Juan Islands to report on Washington State’s environment, nature, and biodiversity. The trip is immortalized on the Inkwell website through a series of photo-based articles and slideshows, showing lush coastlines and whales jumping from frigid Sound waters.

Then, the pandemic hit, and any and all travel plans were put to a complete halt. For two years, Inkwell focused on the local and the virtual: we started our school-centric publication of Inkblots, discussed social justice movements around the world through a domestic lens, documented the interests and lives of community members through our podcast series and much more. As the world has slowly opened up again, for the first time in two and a half years, Inkwell was finally able to take its signature enrichment trip. This year, we chose to travel to Portland, an eccentric city bursting at the seams with culture and life. There, we devoted ourselves to food journalism, planning with intricacy our meals and carrying around a camera to every restaurant we went to. We waited in front of food carts for interviews, took notes in between each bite of donut. While we spent only three days in the city, Inkwell made sure to soak up every bit of information Portland had to offer.

We present to you the product of this trip: The Portland Issue, the second print issue of the 2021-2022 school year. In this issue, we have compiled our experiences while in Portlnd into digestible and informative articles and engaging spreads. From food reviews to a look at the rich history of Japanese botanical gardens, this issue is packed with the many elements that make up the city of Portland.

Our hope with this issue is to allow the reader to immerse themselves in the intricate web of Portland’s culture. We want to show what the city prides itself on and what the city is best known for, but also its niches and nuances. It is through an immense amount of work and devotion that we are able to publish this issue, each and every member of our team going above and beyond in their research, writing and insight. On behalf of this team, we proudly present to you the Portland Issue.



Sofia Guerra

Sebastian Bush