The Fashion Issue


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Since the beginning of 2020, the world has faced challenge after challenge in a never-ending assault of the phrase: “unprecedented times.” At the risk of sounding gratuitously inspirational and overly optimistic, we wanted to reflect a bit on the last two years.

Soon after we pivoted to online in early 2020, Inkwell published a podcast on international students during covid that received attention from Best of SNO — Student News Online, the website that hosts Soon after, we released the COVID-19 Issue, which delved deeply into the virus we have now all become familiar with. 

In late 2020 and through 2021, Inkwell covered the US Election season, social justice movements and topics that affected the Annie Wright community. In the last two years, Inkwell members have received multiple Best of SNO recognitions and continued providing valuable journalism, all while moving from online to in-person and back. 

We’d like to keep bragging and say we didn’t hit any obstacles, but that’s not the truth. Everyone has struggled through COVID, and Inkwell had its fair share of ups and downs. Coming into this school year, we were looking at no more than three Inkwell personnel. However, not only did our new members save us from such a predicament, they have also risen  to every challenge they faced and become invaluable members of this team. While this first print issue may be arriving later in the year than any other before it, we think it may just be worth the wait. On behalf of the entire Inkwell team, we are proud to present the Fashion Issue. 


Sebastian Bush

Sofia Guerra