The Social Justice Issue


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Themes are decided for the following year the spring before. As we planned for this year’s theme last June, the killing of George Floyd sparked protests across the nation. Here we are, almost a year later, giving you an issue on the same social justice issues in our communities as Derek Chauvin, the man charged with murder for kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, is found guilty on all three charges of murder and manslaughter. 

This issue serves to inform and educate the community on all forms of activism and social justice from LGBTQ+ rights to Black Lives Matter protests. In this issue, you can find articles on the problematic representation and appropriation in films such as “The Prom” and “Music”, the impact of raising the minimum wage, and turning gentrification into centrification in the Hilltop neighborhood.

The issue not only aims to highlight the activists in our community and the people working endlessly to see change, but to also shine a light on the performative activism and the lack of action from much of Hollywood. We hope you are able to learn a little something more about your own community and the social justice movements within. 

On a separate note, as we depart from Annie Wright this year, we’d like to add what a pleasure it’s been serving as the editors of this publication for not only this year, but all years prior. Here’s to new adventures and welcome to Sofia Guerra, the newest print editor!

Julia Henning


Gabrielle Krieger

Print Editor