Annie Wright Announces New Administrative Hires


Dr. Bridgette O’Brien and Annie Green will both take new roles next year as director of academic affairs and director of arts, respectively.

Julia Henning, Editor-in-Chief

Starting in the 2021-22 school year, Annie Wright Upper Schools will reorganize their administrative structure with two new positions, an assistant director of academic affairs and an assistant director of student life, who will work equally in both USB and USG. 

Dr. Bridgette O’Brien, Upper School for Girls global politics and history teacher, accepted the position as assistant director of academic affairs. 

According to Annie Wright Schools, “Dr. O’Brien brings years of experience at both upper school and university environments, and students and teachers alike recognize her as an academic leader of tremendous power, intellect and potential”.

Eireann Corrigan will remain as the director of the Upper School for Girls (USG) and Jeremy Stubbs, currently serving as assistant director of the Uppers School for Boys (USB), will take the role of director of the USB after Susan Bauska retires in July. Annie Green will depart her role as assistant director of the USG to form a new position as director of arts leading arts and social justice programming. 

The primary responsibilities of the two new assistant director roles will be to align the student experience between the two divisions.

“I think it’s a creative challenge,” said Dr. O’Brien. “But I think it’s a way to bring all of my love of ideas and curriculum into a workspace that’s going to be both challenging and innovative. I am really excited about the possibilities.”

With the first class of USB students graduating in May, the Upper School directors are taking the time to craft these new positions with the understanding of what having a “coordinate campus” means under single gender education. Aspects such as (s)Elective options, CORE, advisory and other elements of the Upper Schools will have more coordination between the USG and USB with the addition of these roles. Each division will still keep the role of a teaching dean who will maintain the single gender experience. 

Annie Wright is still searching for hires both internally and externally for the assistant director of student life and both teaching dean positions.