The Health Issue


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Even with the start of a new year, the COVID-19 pandemic is at the forefront of not only the news, but many minds. In this issue, Inkwell staff went beyond the pandemic and explored the wide range of important aspects of the human body.
As New Years’ resolutions begin, Inkwell is here to provide the nutritional, mental and physical tips to help you out. From addressing the toxicity of diet culture and delving into eating disorders to investigating art therapy, there is much to discover on how to find balance with your own physical and mental health.
Working remotely certainly can take a toll on the body and mind. We hope you are able to discover new ways to treat your body and mind kindly in such isolated and uncertain times. Wishing you good health in the new year!


Julia Henning, Editor-in-Chief

Gabrielle Krieger, Print Editor

Parker Briggs, Online Editor