AWS Offers Prizes for Innovation Competition


Students will be rewarded for innovative thinking.

Sebastian Bush

On Friday, November 13th, DECA will be hosting the Intuit Innovation Challenge. This challenge is open to all students in three age groups. Students will combine to make groups of three to five students. A challenge and method will be announced, and each group will attempt to create a presentation revolving around that challenge. 

Each presentation will be in video format, must be less than three minutes long and posted to Youtube. Presentations should include “experiences with empathy, brainstorming and coming up with the solution, and experimentation within [your] community” and “processes and outcomes”. 

The competition runs from Friday, November 13th, through Sunday, November 22nd. 

The grand prize for High School students is $1000, however Annie Wright Schools has now announced that they will be offering prizes solely for Annie Wright students. 


First Prize – $100 Amazon Gift Card


Second Prize – $50 Amazon Gift Card


Third Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card


The USG Business (S)elective has emailed all Upper School students with more information.