HalloWeek Prize List Released!


photo courtesy of Julia Henning

Julia Henning, Editor-in-Chief

With Halloween right around the corner, student governments from both the Upper School for Girls and Boys designed “HalloWeek”, a time to gather together for fun and prizes in the spirit of the season. 

Students can earn points just by showing up to the events over Microsoft Teams calls or earn even extra points by participating in the activity for each day. These points will allow students to bid on prizes at the end of the week, such as they did during Casino Night in past years. The event this week are:

Monday: Creepy Creations and Consumptions (culinary competition) – 7pm

Tuesday: Spooky Slam (poetry and readings) – 7pm

Wednesday: Wiki Hunt (online scavenger hunt) – 3:15pm

Thursday: Mini Murder Mystery Among Us – 7pm

Friday: Costume Crawl (in-person, with masks) – 3:30pm


Students can bid on the following prizes at Friday’s Teams call at 7pm (values are displayed if applicable):

Bubble Ball (x2) ($260)

Steam gift card ($50)

hazmat suit ($30)

Godiva Assorted Truffles ($60)

Disney Plus Subscription ($70)

Hair Dye Pass (from Thanksgiving-mid-winter break) – priceless

Mystery Prize 1

Cameo Gift Card ($100)

Fleet Feet Gift Card ($150)

Slippers with Friends (3) ($90)

AirPods ($130)

Indoor Plant & Pot from Fernseed ($50)

Legendary Donut Delivery ($40)

Burrito Blanket ($20)

Slammo Balls ($35)

Shake Shake Shake Gift Card ($50)

Ski Pass (day x2) ($120)

Name A Character from Ms. Corrigan’s New Book!

…And mystery prizes!