Recipe: Knoopy’s Comforting Soup of Rejuvenation


Knoopy Yi, Staff


This is a soup recipe preferably used for winter times. It combines simple ingredients and spices to produce a warming sensation and refreshing, yet comforting taste. It is surprisingly effective at beating a mild fever.


When cooking this recipe, it is best that you toss in the ingredients at different times to maximize each component’s flavor, and to cook each to the correct stage.

You can take the recipe further by using meat specifically made for broth or soup, or by searing the meat before you bring it into the cooking pot. If you are not using ham or sausage, be sure to toss in the meat first and let that cook or the soup would be quite disproportionate in terms of taste.



4-5 stalks of celery 3-4 carrots or 7-8 baby carrots, both work

Soft-textured Ham(Proportion to your own preference. Sausages, pork belly, or chicken can be good replacement too)

Salt, pepper, chicken bouillon powder, olive oil, sesame oil, powdered cayenne pepper

Optional: 1 spoon of Soybean paste, 1/2 or 3/4 of an onion



1. Chop celery and carrots, cube the onion and the ham. if you do not have it then just chop up the choice of meat you had into bite-size pieces.

2. Fill a pot with water of the desired amount; Tip: pour just a little more than that since when it boils, the water evaporates a little before you can lower the temperature again.

3. Set the stove on high heat and wait until the water boils. When it does, toss in the celery and carrots; lower to medium heat. When it boils again, toss in the onions(if you want them). Stir the broth in between ingredients.

4. Lower heat to a simmer until the water boils again or until the soup gains color, stirring every 2 minutes; then toss in the ham and the soybean paste if you are using them. Lower to a simmer and wait until the water boils. Again.

5. Once it does, season with salt, pepper, chicken bouillon powder, olive oil, sesame oil, powdered cayenne pepper, and any other spice of your choice. Give it a stir, then serve!