The COVID-19 Issue


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We are living in unprecedented times. This pandemic is a battle full of suffering and tragedy, as well as uncertainty and misinformation, and seems to be without a foreseeable end. As it continues, we have tried to adapt and are learning to adjust to life within our homes and, for students, to a new learning format.
For our team, reporting on this virus began back in February when our first article covering the COVID-19 pandemic was released and received recognition from “Best of SNO,” a national rolling submission contest for student journalism. Since then, Inkwell has published a variety of content on the impacts of the virus ranging from the speculation of a school closure to a healthcare perspective from the front lines of the pandemic.
In this issue, you will find articles about how to stay active and entertained at home, how the environment has been impacted, and reflections on personal battles during the pandemic. While we publish some fresh content in this issue, many pieces were written during different stages of the pandemic.
For those, we have indicated the date each article was first published online at This issue is not a light read, but it will serve as a record for years to come of what we have lived through and how we have stayed connected.
We hope you are staying safe and healthy as you read through this publication.


Julia Henning, Editor-in-Chief

Gabrielle Krieger, Print Editor

Parker Briggs, Online Editor