Annie Wright Community Celebrates Closing Ceremonies Virtually


Sofia Guerra

As the end of the school year approaches, time for celebration of Annie Wright seniors and many other school traditions come with it. With the COVID-19 pandemic, these commemorations will be altered, but celebrated nonetheless. 

Senior Wills

The Senior Wills tradition is long standing in the Upper School for Girls. The students gather, without staff or faculty present, for the graduating class to impart their ‘wills’ to underclassmen. Previously, these wills would be passed down through a physical object relating to the content of the will during the event. Nina Doody, Senior at the Upper School for Girls and Student Life & Governance officer, stated that “though this event can not be held in its true form this year, the seniors want to ensure their wills get passed down.” The Senior class will host a virtual Senior Wills meeting on Tuesday, May 19th, at 8:00 PST through Microsoft Teams.

Year-End Celebration

The Upper School for Girls’ Year-End Celebration will be held virtually on Wednesday, May 20th.  “While holding onto some of the annual program’s treasured traditions, including a faculty performance and grade level “Step Songs”, and we’ll also hear music, speeches, and see pictures that celebrate our collective achievements, and especially our 2020 Graduates.” said Annie Green, the Dean of the Upper School for Girls. The Year-End Celebration will consist of senior acknowledgements, IB learner profile recognitions, and performances from this year’s Music Laureates.

Departmental Awards Ceremony

A Departmental Awards Ceremony will be held on June 3rd to commemorate the academic achievements of the rising Senior class, the Yellow Tie Class of 2021. Furthermore, Green stated that “we are looking to mark the Yellow Tie “rise” into senior leadership with another ceremony after we return in the fall.”

May Day & Graduation

Green told Inkwell, “We have been surveying Seniors about their preferences regarding virtual [or] in-person gatherings and ceremonies along the way. They’ve been clear about one thing: they want to be together.” As a result, though the Upper School for Girls will celebrate them virtually at the Year-End Celebration, the school is also planning to host their graduation ceremony during the 2020-2021 Thanksgiving break and an additional celebration at their 1-year anniversary in the spring of 2021. Aspects of May Day, one of the most significant Annie Wright traditions to celebrate the graduating class, will be integrated into each of these events as well as possible.