Upper School for Boys Freshmen Elect Inaugural Representatives


The freshman class elected their inaugural representatives in the Upper School for Boys student government.

Parker Briggs

The results are in! Terence Chiu & Sebastian Bush were elected on February 9 as Upper School for Boys student government representatives of the freshman class for the 2019-2020 session.

Four freshman who wished to run for office prepared campaign speeches, which were reviewed by Director of Upper School for Boys Susan Bauska and read aloud to the class by Dean of Students Jeremy Stubbs. The grade subsequently cast ballots online, ranking the candidates in order of preference.

The government, called the Assembly of the Boys’ School or “ABS,” comprises two main bodies: the legislative body, “LABS,” which is comparable to the Upper School for Girls’ Student Life & Governance, and the judicial body, “JABS,” which is the counterpart of the girls’ Honor Council. Prior to this election, only juniors and sophomores in the Upper School for Boys held office in the student government.

Per the procedure detailed in the recently ratified ABS constitution, freshmen elected two of their classmates to newly created positions which are part of neither LABS nor JABS. The two representatives will have the opportunity to represent the class in governmental affairs, speaking for the interest of their fellow freshman.

Although they are not allowed an official vote, at least one of the two representatives will be present at every legislative meeting. The meetings occur during tutorial every Monday and Thursday and are open to all Upper School boys.