Pros & cons of Disney +


Sofia Guerra, reporter

Disney+, an on-demand streaming service by Disney, launched on November 12. It is available by app, smart televisions, gaming consoles, web browsers, mobile devices and more. Mckayla Jones-Bishop, a freshman at Annie Wright, is one of thousands of users. In an interview with Inkwell, she summarized some of the basic pros and cons of Disney+.


“You get to watch all your favorite shows.”

Of course, the main attraction of Disney+ is the access to innumerable shows and movies. Disney+ features an array of Disney shows and movies, including content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. 

Watchers have all Disney classics at their fingertips, along with new releases that cannot be found on any other streaming platform. In fact, when Disney+ was first announced, Disney also claimed they would eventually pull their content from other popular online platform Netflix.

Additionally, Disney+ offers unlimited downloads and multiple devices per account. This makes it Disney+ is always available to its watcher, an ultimate convenience.


“It was down the entire first week.”

The first week it was launched, Disney+ was non-functional for the majority of its users. Though this issue has since then been fixed, many watchers are left with the question: if it happened once, could it happen again? As Disney+ rises in popularity, more and more people are creating accounts. As is a trend with the Software as a Service distribution model, unexpected overcrowding can lead to more crashes and overall inefficiency.

“It’s really slow sometimes.”

Innumerable users have reported difficulties with loading, lagging or connection. Some people have reported waiting for over half an hour for content to load, even more with popular shows and movies. Additionally, Disney+ users often experience lag and low quality while watching, with issues including images cutting back and forth, audio and visuals not correctly matched, and frozen screens. Occasionally, users are completely unable to connect to Disney+. Often times, error 76, which blames slow internet connection speeds for problems, is reported.