Call me by my pronoun


Emily Simons, Reporter

Over the past few years, the discussion and deconstruction of the gender binary has become extremely present in society. Recently, it has become more common to also include gender pronouns when introducing yourself and in online signatures. Many college professors and representatives have begun to end their emails with their gender pronouns, for example the University of Portland.

When asked her opinion on using gender pronouns to introduce yourself, senior Sophia Jeter said, “It would make it a lot less ambiguous and lessen the possibility of calling someone by the wrong pronoun. I feel like it can sometimes feel awkward asking for someone’s pronouns, but if you are able to say your pronouns when you introduce yourself it eliminates that awkwardness. I would love for this practice to become customary in our society.”  

Freshman Nadine Gibson agreed. “It is a really cool way to work change into culture. I think that the discussion of gender pronoun just now breaking the surface of mainstream culture. I feel like introducing yourself with your gender pronouns is a really good way to get conversations going on this topic.”

When asked about signing emails with pronouns, Nadine responded: “At the end of my emails, I usually put my gender pronouns, just because I think that when people read the ‘she/her’ it allows people to think, ‘oh that’s what I thought but I never really thought about it.’ And I think it is very powerful that authority figures, like professors, use their position to create that kind of space.”