Students launch drive for homeless

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Students launch drive for homeless

Julia Henning, Online Editor

An Upper School for Girls 11th grade advisory group, under supervision of English teacher Lila Hemsell, is planning a drive for hygiene and home cleaning products to run November 8 – December 12 for the nonprofit Network Tacoma. Alina Chen, a member of the group, provided details of the drive:

Inkwell: What sparked the idea for this drive?

Chen: This idea came a community service that one of our group members was originally doing, and we decided to expand on it for CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service, a component of the IB curriculum).

Inkwell: What is Network Tacoma?

Chen: Network Tacoma is a non-profit organization that assists homeless families with children from ‘the point of crisis intervention.’ Their goal is to help those families achieve permanent housing and long-term self-sufficiency.

Inkwell: What items do you need?

Chen: We are are primarily collecting hygiene items such as: laundry soap, toilet paper, kitchen garbage bags, dishwasher detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, and hand soap.

Inkwell: When will you need the donations by?

Chen: We are planning that the donation drive will run from November 8th through December 12th.

Inkwell: Where can people bring supplies?

Chen: People can bring donations to the Kemper lobby, the front hall lobby, the 10th street entrance lobby and possibly in the new academic building.