Spider-Man: coming home to Disney


Sebastian Bush, Reporter

After the catastrophic reveal that Spider-Man would be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on August 20, fans around the world were dumbstruck. A little more than a month later, on September 27, however, Marvel and Sony announced that Tom Holland and Spider-Man will return to the MCU.

This deal includes a 75/25 profit deal with Disney and Marvel paying for roughly a quarter of production costs, and receiving a quarter of the total revenue. This is a large step up for Disney, after the last two films had the cinematic giants only walking away with 5%. 

This deal comes after a month of back and forths, with both studios proposing, and rejecting offers. 

Previous to the breakup, some were suspecting that Tom Holland, the current Spiderman, would be in the MCU for over ten more movies, however that has changed. The deal has only been confirmed for two more movies, one in the “Homecoming” series, and one in an undisclosed future Marvel movie. 

This isn’t the end of Spider-Man, however, as this deal can be extended for more movies. Tom Holland has said he is eager to act in more movies, and is rumored to be part of the reason that the deal was finalized. 

This classic character will not be forgotten, and the web slinging vigilante is here to stay.