San Juan Islands: Day 3


Samantha Salamone

We had the privilege of kayaking in the Puget Sound with tour guides Adam Krey and Kelly Yelverton from Discovery Sea Kayaks. It was quite an experience, with lots of necessary preparation.

When we arrived at the company office, they geared us up with rain pants and jackets. We then boarded two vans that took us to our launch area. When we got there, they gave us more equipment, including a rain skirt and a wet bag. They taught us how to use everything, the proper way to kayak and safety information.

We carried the boats down to the launch area – they were very heavy. We got into the kayaks, and off we went. We kayaked out of the cove and along the coastline. While we were kayaking, they tour guides gave us information about the sea life in the area. One interesting fact was the kelp we were paddling through was edible. Some of us tried the kelp. It tasted how it looked – kind of bland, but salty. We also saw a family of harbor seals.

We kayaked all the way to the lighthouse where we had hiked the previous day. Maybe it wasn’t so far, but it felt like it. Kayaking is hard work. We went down to a turning point and then turned back, with short breaks in between.

Luckily, the rain held off until we got back. As we got back, the rain began, and we were feeling very lucky that it didn’t begin in the middle of our journey. It was definitely a very physical, education, and very fun activity to do, especially in that area.

After getting back, we were all very hungry and were on our way to eat, before getting on the fairy to go back to the mainland.