Annie Wright’s non-sustainable recycling practices continue


Annie Wright Schools continue not to recycle.

Lauren Cook, Reporter

Annie Wright Schools has not been recycling for over a year. 

This began with the construction of the new academic building for the Upper School for Boys more than a year ago. “We have not been recycling consistently. We do not have the current ability to do so,” said Head of Schools Christian Sullivan.  

Sullivan also noted that while this is less than ideal, the school plans to go back to the old recycling/composting practices as soon as all the construction finishes. Historically, however, he said that the school has done a pretty good job of recycling and practicing sustainability. 

“With such an old building, it can be difficult to keep up with more modern habits…we don’t have solar panels, but we have been good at recycling. That’s one thing we’ve done really well.”

Because of the school’s current inability to recycle, one initiative was to cut back on the amount of paper used for printing. As most Upper School students know, students now have a limited amount of pages they are allowed to print. The school hopes this will reduce the amount of paper printed in the first place, thus reducing the copious amount that is thrown away weekly. 

“The trailers should be gone by the end of October. And we should start back up recycling right then… we will be redoubling our efforts to recycle,” Sullivan said.