Athlete of the month: September


Reagan Easter, reporter

Annie Wright Senior Sophia Jeter, Inkwell’s September student-athlete of the month, is an active competitor and teammate of the Annie Wright soccer team.  

Jeter grew up in Olalla, Washington, and has been playing soccer “for as long as [she] can remember.” She expressed that the best part of the sport is the team-oriented aspect.

Not only does Jeter actively participate on the Annie Wright Upper School for Girls soccer team, she also spends a considerable amount of time training for the Washington Premier Football Club. Year round, she devotes up to two hours of fitness and training every day. 

Even with the amount of hard work she puts into soccer, Jeter also notes the importance of finding a way to balance both academics and athletics. “Balancing sports and academics is very difficult and trying at times because of how much time I spend on soccer,” Jeter said. However, she has found that having a driven mindset and a clear plan on what she needs to get done enables her to stay on top of all her school work. 

In September, Jeter verbally committed to Pacifiic Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, to play soccer in the fall of 2020.

Jeter’s teammate and fellow classmate Bailey Black commented on what makes her a valuable player and a stand-out individual, “Sophie is a valuable member to the team not just because she’s an amazing soccer player, but because she’s incredibly supportive. During practice, she doesn’t just play strategically to win, but strategically to give everyone a chance to play. She has helped me feel comfortable in a place far outside my comfort zone.”

Inkwell had the chance to sit down and interview Jeter about soccer:

Inkwell: Where do you see yourself as a player in a year’s time?  

Jeter: In a year, I will be playing for PLU. I imagine that I will still be playing how I play now, just on a much faster paced level. 

Inkwell: Do you have a favorite team or player?

Jeter: I love Megan Rapinoe! She is so talented and is such a great person plus she plays for the Reign. I also love Rose Lavelle. Despite her young age, she possesses so much talent which continues to impress me. 

Inkwell: Is there someone that has made a significant impact in your life which affected your overall pursuit in soccer?

Jeter: My family has had a significant impact on my pursuit in soccer, but mostly it has been my own self drive.