The List

Feeling lucky? Casino night prizes to keep your eye on


Abby Givens, Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday September 28 at 7:00pm the doors to the Great Hall will open and fill with USG and USB teachers turned dealers and students turned gamblers. A bag of chips costs $5 for use to play Black Jack, Russian Roulette, and other games. 

Need an update on the rules? Check out Inkwell’s guide.


The Prize List:

FreightHouse Square Haunted House for 6 

Tickets to Lana Del Rey on October 2 WaMu Theater for 3 

Date Night at Point Ruston (at Point Ruston cinema, Ice Cream, and Farrelli’s) for 4

Capital West Limo Service for about 4 hours ($80 tip or additional fees not included; personal credit card needed to secure reservation) for 10

Air Hockey Table

Making Dumplings with Luna Yu for 6-10

VSCO Dorm: scrunchies, pnw stickers, Sephora gift card, Uber Eats gift card, blanket, room check pass x2, civvies pass x2

Backyard BBQ with Jake Guadnola for 8

Moshi Moshi Dinner with Ms. Hemsell in the fall TBD

Sundaes with the Sullivans for 7

Game Night hosted by Jeff Barber including pizza for 4-6 

Holiday Treat Making with the Babbs (homemade goodies such as peanut brittle, peppermint popcorn, caramel, chocolates…) 

Bob Ross “Paint and Party” Hosted by the Art (s)Elective for 6-8 (materials and refreshments included)

Mystery Prize #1

Skirt made by Ms. Wenzlick

Korean BBQ with Mrs. Bauska for 5 

Mystery Prize #2

Boba and Dorky’s with Josh for 5

A piece of artwork from Ms. Stracke (AWS themed)

Dinner with the Matthael Family at the Yen Ching Restaurant for 5

Donut Run with Mr. Stubbs for 11

Home-baked Treats Courtesy of Ms. Mingels (winners choice: pie, cookies, brownies, cake, cheesecake, and muffins) for 15

Mystery Prize #3

Instant Cupcake Party from Hello Cupcake (a dozen minis)