The new dunes in Tacoma


Emily Simons, Reporter

The three year construction on the new Wilson Way Bridge and Dune Peninsula project finally wrapped up over the summer. The new bridge make an easier route connecting Ruston Way waterfront to Point Defiance Park. Designers hoped that this new addition will act as a gateway, either to Point Defiance Park or the Ruston Way waterfront. 

Along with the new bridge, there is a new set of slides, a real life interpretation of the popular children’s game “Chutes and Ladders,” that range over the 60 foot slope.  The six slides is a fun (and fast) way to get to the bottom of the hill, which would usually result in a long hike down multiple sets of stairs. The slides are extremely popular with families as something to do on sunny days.

In the 1950s, Tacoma was one of the most polluted cities in the nation. A very populous area became the spot for a new park on the waterfront. This was the location of the ASARCO copper smelter, which turned the area into a big toxic slag. The addition of the Wilson Way Bridge and the Dunes was to turn an old polluted location into a serene park that feels distant from the hustle of Tacoma. 

Audrey Johnson, a senior at Upper School for Girls, visited the park with friends over the summer. She expressed that her favorite part were “the slides and the dogs that people walk in the area…The  new park is a great spot to hang out and spend time with friends and family. Also, watching the sunset from the bridge is super gorgeous,” she said. Johnson also believes that the bridge is a great addition to the area because of how easy it has made to go between Point Defiance Park to Point Ruston, or vice versa.