Everything you need to know about the USB and USG student led clubs

YoungSeo Jo, Print Editor

A diverse group of student led clubs and extracurricular activities were created across both Upper School for Girls (USG) and Upper School for Boys (USB) at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. Clubs from previous years continue to meet and invite new members to join. 

The USB offers both faculty-led and student led (s)electives, after-school activities that require commitment outside of school hours. 

According to Susan Bauska, Director of Upper School for Boys, the USB aims to grow their (s)electives and clubs program as the student body grows. As for now, the USB isn’t ready to establish and develop an extensive after-school program similar to the (s)electives for the USG, nor do the current USB (s)electives receive the same amount of financial support as the (s)electives at the USG.

There are still (s)electives that faculty and students established out of interest. These include bio-olympiad, business board games and ping pong. Another after school-program, a “7th period,’ was established to teach students Intro to Computer Science and AP Computer Science. 

Student-led clubs established in the USG run during school hours, and some are open to USB students to join. 

With the new schedule changes for both Upper Schools, club spots were adjusted from previous years to allow for three meeting slots per week. Slot A is on Mondays during 3:15 to 3:45, Slot B is on Mondays during 3:45 to 4:15 and Slot C is on Fridays during 2:50 to 3:10.

The USG student led clubs are: 

ASL Club 

ASL Club is for students interested in learning Americal Sign Language. Beginners are encouraged to join and learn about deaf culture, ASL and have fun. 

Club leaders: YoungSeo Jo and Eva Gleitz 

Time and location: Slot A and Slot C in the library

Open to: USG and USB students


AWS Film Club

AWS Film Club’s goal and motto is “To see films aesthetically and critically (and) to give more love and shape a better world.” Students who love to watch and make films are encouraged to join.

Club Leaders: Tiffany Wang and Qiuyu Chen 

Time and location: Slot C in Luna’s Room 

Open to: USG students 


Black Student Union (BSU)

Black Student Union’s mission is to “provide a community for students who identify as black while educating those passionate about current issues affecting the black community.” Students who are interested and enthusiastic about this mission are encouraged to join. 

Club Leaders: Jade Cheatham, Kayla Mathurin, and Julianna Walker 

Time and location: Slot C in the Huston Room

Open to: USG and USB students 


Chinese Culture Club (CCC)

CCC’s purpose is to “unite Chinese students and promote Chinese culture by holding fun activities such as Moon festival celebration and Lunar Year Dinner.”

Club Leaders: Jessy Li and Helen Wei 

Time and location: Slot A in the Library the Co-Lab

Open to: USG students 


Community Connection 

Community Connection’s purpose is “to connect Annie Wright to Non-profit Organizations and local businesses in Pierce County through site visits to a new organization every month.”

Club Leaders: Alice Dang and Julia Henning

Time and location: Typically on Sundays or Saturdays off campus

Open to: USG and USB students


Debate Club 

The new Debate Club welcomes students who are passionate about debate on subjects of their interest. 

Club Leaders: Christine Hu and Avery Mao 

Time and Location: To be Determined 

Open to: USG and USB students


Glocal Activists 

Global Activists’ motto is to cultivate “a sense of civic duty through global and local activism”

Club Leaders: Nina Ye, Jessica Zou, and Kayla Mathurin 

Time and location: Slot A in Soustelle’s room 

Open to: USG and USB students


Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

GSA’s signature activities include community service at the women’s shelter drive and field trips which depend on the club members’ interests. GSA also provides a safe space with crafts and snacks. 

Club Leaders: Cora Shandrow and Emil Haedt 

Time and location: Slot A in Mr. Weir’s Art Room 

Open to: USG and USB students 


Hispanic Latinx Culture Club (HLCC)

HLCC ‘promotes, explores, and celebrates Hispanic and Latin American Culture’

Club Leaders: Xiomara Choto – Mueller and Amanda Madanes

Time and Location: Slot A, B, and C in Mr. Freshwater’s room 

Open to: USG and USB students 



HOSA is for students who are interested in the medical field and provides opportunities to explore the medical field, meet medical professionals, and compete in different events. HOSA is also recognized on a state and national level. 

Club Leader: Ava Filiss

Time and Location: Slot A in the library Sutton room 

Open to: USG students 



HotSpot welcomes any writers, editors, and any other students interested in creating a magazine. According to the leaders, “HotSpot is a student led organization magazine that focuses on the characteristics of the IB learner profile and presents the lives of IB students as well as their values and opinions.”

Club Leaders: Jessy Li and Helen Wei 

Time and Location: Slot B in the Library Co-lab 

Open to: USG students 


Investment Club 

Investment Club’s purpose is to ‘manage the vending machine, learn about stock investment and business management through online simulation and other business-related knowledge and activities.’

Club Leaders: Jennifer Wang and Raven Chen 

Time and location: Slot C in the Library Campfire 

Open to: USG students 


Japanese Culture Club 

Japanese Culture Club’s purpose is to discuss and learn about japanese culture. Students interested in any aspects of Japanese culture (not just Anime) are invited to join.

Club Leaders: Mia Kao and Katherine Christensen 

Time and location: Slot C in the Learning Center 

Open to: USG and USB students


Knowledge Bowl 

Knowledge Bowl is for students interested in learning fun facts. Signature activities include participating in knowledge bowl competitions and being ‘well prepared for if you ever end up on a game show!’

Club Leader: Audrey Lenard 

Time and location: To be Determined

Open to: To be Determined 


Nature and Outdoor Adventure Club 

Nature and Outdoor Adventure Club welcomes students that are enthusiastic about nature along with adventure. Signature activities include hiking, camping, snowshoeing, beach walks, community service, and activism. 

Club Leader: Lillian Prime 

Time and Location: Slot C in Mr. Burn’s room 

Open to: USG students 


Philosophy Club 

Philosophy Club aims to engage with philosophical ideas and “learn how to communicate philosophical ideas.” They encourage beginners to join and learn about philosophy together. 

Club Leaders: Joanne Wang and Jessica Zou 

Time and location: Slot C in the library 

Open to: USG and USB students 


Psychology Club (Persona) 

Psychology Club’s purpose is to “expand our interest in psychology and explore the application of psychology in diverse fields.”  Signature activities include “guest speaker sessions, campaign poster promotions, NGO drives, discussions, [and] mini-research projects.” 

Club Leaders: Christy Cho and Kaylah Tan 

Time and location: Slot C (twice a month) in Thompson’s room 

Open to: USG students 


Women’s Empowerment Group 

Women’s Empowerment Group’s mission is to educate and empower young women in an intersectional and thoughtful way. This new club encourages USG students who care about and want to discuss empowerment of women to join. 

Club Leaders: Cali Randall and Maya Reiter 

Time and Location: Slot A and B at Dr. O’brien’s room

Open to: USG students (There will be some meetings that will be open to USB students ) 


Virtual Creation Club 

Virtual Creation Club aims to explore creations games such as Minecraft and encourages interested students to bring laptop chargers. 

Club Leaders: Cora Shandrow and Piper Hamilton 

Time and Location: Slot C in Mr. Weir’s Art room 

Open to: USG and USB students