P.E. your way


Gabrielle Krieger and Laney Sneva

This year, Annie Wright started a new system for earning P.E. credits. Students now have the option to earn credits before school through Annie Wright P.E. classes, participate in a sport, or work out independently.

Students who choose independent P.E. are required to work out at least four times per week for 45 or more minutes at a time. Here are some ideas for independent workouts:

Club sports

Club sports provide good leadership skills and are a great way to meet new people. Although they are a bit of a commitment, they will keep you busy year round, and you will most likely improve a lot in your sport.There are many clubs in and around the Tacoma area. For volleyball you could play for South Sound Volleyball Club, Dakine Volleyball Club or  Puget Sound Region Volleyball just to name a few. For basketball, Puget Sound Basketball League and Puyallup Basketball Academy are great options. Finally, for soccer, Harbor Soccer Club and  The Pacific Northwest Soccer Club are available.


Yoga is a good example of a low impact sport you can do on your own. It’s also a valuable tool for stress relief after a long day of school and extracurriculars. There are many youtube channels that can guide you through a yoga session such as Yoga with Adrienne.


While you may not have time for hiking on school days, it’s a good workout you can do on the weekend. If you’re in the mood for light hiking on a weekday, however, Point Defiance Park is always an option.


Another option for working out is walking. You can make it a social occasion too by bringing friends, family, and/or a dog. If you live at Annie Wright or need to work out right after school, you can walk to and along the waterfront and back. 

Gym Workouts

Another physical activity option is a gym workout. There are many different ways to do a gym workout, such as lifting weights, running on a treadmill, or doing specific exercises that target different muscles (push ups or pull-ups, for example, are great ways to strengthen your arms).


Running is a way to get your 45 minutes of daily activity and you can do it pretty much anywhere. Whether that’s running around your neighborhood, running around a track, or running to school, this activity is a great alternative to school sports.


One option for a 45 minute workout is swimming. You can choose to swim on a local team, at a gym such as LA Fitness or the YMCA, or at Annie Wright’s new pool once it opens in October. If you go with a gym, you can also sign up for classes such as water aerobics. 


While you may not own a bicycle, going to the gym and riding a stationary bike is an alternative to that. You can listen to music while cycling, which can make the time go by a little faster. Cycling with other people can be a great option as well.


A fun idea for a 45-minute workout is dancing. While you can go to classes in studios, you can also dance at home to a youtube class or just freestyle dance. 

Link To 45 Minute Workout Videos:

You can also watch a 45 minute gym video to fulfill your exercise requirement, and you can watch it on your phone or school laptop. You can do these workouts in your room or go to a gym and follow them.

  1. Barre Workout (No Equipment)
  2. Low-Impact Workout (Moderate Use Of Equipment)
  3. Full-Body Workout (Simple Equipment)