De-Stress and decompress after school


Samantha Salamone and Reagan Easter

Looking for a way to decompress after a long day of academic rigor? Tacoma offers a variety of activities for students to engage in with their friends after hours of focusing in school, many of them just walking distance from Annie Wright.

Nothing’s better than grabbing a bite to eat and drink with friends. Or perhaps without friends, if you are in need of some alone time. Here is a list of places that you can take part in just that. The locations are in fair distance to the school, so boarders do not fret, there are plenty of convenient places for you too!

Shake, Shake, Shake: Located in Stadium Way: 1 minute drive -12 minute walk 

This retro-inspired restaurant is the perfect spot to grab some fries, burgers, and of course divulge in their wide variety of shakes. 

Starbucks: Located in Old Town: 1 minute drive – 8 minute walk

This coffee shop is one of the most well known coffee chains there is, and it just so happens to be Seattle-based. This coffeehouse is well known for its signature coffees and delectable bites. 

The Spar: Located in Old Town: 2 minute drive – 11 minute walk

This quaint tavern has a great selection of food ranging from teas and lite bites to full meals. On posted dates you can often catch a sports event or socialize to the sound of live music. 

Anthem Coffee & Tea: Located in Old Town and Stadium Way: 2 minute drive – 13 minute walk 

This uniquely styled coffeehouse fosters a great environment for socialization, eating, and relaxing. 

Cafe Amasia – Located in Tacoma: 6 minute drive – 30 minute walk

While this cafe is located a little farther than the rest, it is most definitely worth the distance. This cafe is known for its great tea, coffee, and food. It fabricates a chill environment and welcomes anyone who wants to relax with a cup of coffee. 

“I like hanging out with my friends, walking down to the waterfront, going to Wright Park, going to Shake Shake Shake or Starbucks, or somewhere else to get coffee. Just stuff around [Tacoma] that gets you out of school,” 9th grader Rae Wartelle said.

Along with an abundance of coffee shops and restaurants, Tacoma is home to a beautiful waterfront by the Puget Sound. Walking down to the waterfront tends to be a popular activity that high school students partake in after school with their friends. 

11th grader Paisley Cristobal shares, “After school, I like to do homework, I walk my dog, I play golf. When I walk my dog, I usually go to the waterfront.”

As Wartelle mentioned, Wright Park is also a fun, scenic place to go after school. It’s walking distance from the school, and offers a variety of trails, parks, and ponds. It’s a great place to decompress, alone or with friends, or to get some studying done if that’s what you’re wanting to do.

Just by walking around and exploring Tacoma, there’s no doubt you’ll come across a fun place to hangout, eat, or study with all of the interesting places scattered throughout the city.