Blues find the clues


Jade Cheatham and Emily Simons

Last Friday, Alumni Chloe Aranza and Leah Petee delivered the first spade clue to the Senior class. The spade is a long lasting Annie Wright tradition where the graduated Senior class hides a spade somewhere around the campus for the next Senior class to find. Once found, the Seniors will be granted privileges which range from off campus lunch to throwing pies at teachers.

The theme is Blue Clues, a popular children’s show from when the Seniors were younger. According to Petee, “We wanted to do something based around the blue ties and have them experience being a child again.” The first clue to start off the hunt read: “Get your singing voices ready,” ending up with the Senior class having to sing the Alma Mater in the lunchroom. 

Senior Sophia Jeter says, “I think it’s really fun to participate looking for the spade with my class. When everyone is looking for the same thing to get our privileges, it creates strong bonds between us.”

Different from the years before, each clue not only needs to be found but needs to be earned by completing challenges given to the Seniors by specific teachers. After a week of searching the Seniors are already on the fourth clue.