May Day preview

This year May Day, a more than hundred-year-old tradition at Annie Wright Schools, is a little different. Most of the changes revolve around where it’s located and how it will be run. In past years, May Day took place in the front of the school. Now, due to the construction of the new building, May Day has been moved to the commons.

Historically May Day was held in the commons until 1997 according to Communications director Jen Willey. The seniors were able to vote on the location, either staying in the front of the school or move to the commons. The majority voted to move to the commons.

Other potential locations included the field or Garfield Park, but the commons seemed to be the best choice. A large question was whether all of the students would be able to fit in the commons. Due to a schedule change of the Alumni event that usually happens on the same day as May Day, a smaller amount of people will actually be at the event. This helps with fitting all of the students as well as the many families that enjoy attending the ceremony. According to Director of Business Development Rex Bates, 700 chairs were ordered to fit all of the attendees.

Previously the graduating class would come through the front door and walk down the walk way, but now due to the location change, the seniors will walk through the arches and to the stage area. Next year it’s up to the senior class if they want to move back to the front of the school, since the construction will be finished by the next May Day, or continue in the commons.