Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Boys

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Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Boys

Annie Wright 10th grade boys shared gift ideas at every price point, from hair gel to a college education. Food, clothes, shoes and technology were common themes. Slippers for under $3? No problem. $45,000 self-tying sneakers? Ready to ship today. Get more ideas (serious and otherwise) below.

Less than $10



  • Adidas Adilette Slides: Great for every point of the day. Getting out of the bed? You have your Adilette Slides. Getting out of the pool? Adilette Slides. They are comfortable too!
  • Godiva Chocolate: Godiva’s chocolate are amazing. Really rich chocolate taste.
  • Mobile phone bracketPerfect for people who like watching videos on their phones. You can put your phone on the bracket and lie down on your bed to watch videos.
  • 2005 Holiday Edition Christmas Cola: This beautiful commemorative bottle is perfect for the coke lover.
  • Exploding kittens: This game is perfect for people who love board games as well as odd cat humour.
  • Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups: Do you like Reese’s peanut butter cups? Then you’ll love these delectable dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s! A perfect gift for chocolate lovers.
  • Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate: If hot chocolate can see you through a chilly autumn morning, then this rich sipping chocolate will see you through the harshest of winters. Another perfect gift for chocolate lovers.
  • Sunglasses: These stylish sunglasses offer a serious military look with polarized lenses to protect your eyes.
  • Funyuns Variety Pack: Not convinced that onion-flavored rings in a bag are your thing? Just try them.
  • Trader Joe’s chocolate passport: A tasteful selection of dark chocolate squares each hailing from a different country. Enjoy with the recommended pairings for maximum chocolativity! A perfect gift for chocolate lovers.
  • Solid Steel Gold Pan: This 10” gold pan is perfect for the man (or woman) for whom the ‘49 gold rush never ended. If you know someone who enjoys squatting in a crick all day, then this would be a perfect gift for him; it might even take his mind of his old Clementine.
  • More expensive chocolate: Gourmet chocolate from Godiva
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate 2 Pound: Whey protein is the most efficient type of protein for post-workout recovery, perfect for every young man that want to achieve the ideal physique
  • Red long sleeve shirt: Just the thing for winter.
  • MagnaTab Magnetic Tablet and stylus: Perfect for the person who loves to doodle and draw non-stop.
  • Math Clock: Solve a math equation whenever you look at the clock.
  • Rastaclat Bracelet galaxy: A perfect gift for teenagers who are interested in space and the galaxy.
  • Hoodie for men: This black hoodie goes well with any kind of clothes or accessories and is perfect for the winter season.
  • For the Memer: Do you da Wey? A t-shirt commemorating an old and dying meme.



  • iPhone XS Silicon Case: Ideal for people who really care about the feel of their phone. It’s really smooth and it’s definitely worth it.
  • Mouse Pad: Perfect for gamers, this mouse pad reduces wrist pain and helps the mouse move smoothly.
  • Coffee Cold brew Maker: For those who need a cold-brewed coffee without going to Starbucks.
  • Primitive x Rick and Morty Dirty P t-shirt: For the lover of Rick and Morty who just wants a nice comfortable, good looking shirt
  • Basketball: For the basketball lover – just a basketball.
  • Earwax Cleaning Kit: Perfect for the waxy-eared, this kit encourages both hygiene and general ear health, a slightly passive-aggressive gift for someone with less than stellar ear hygiene.
  • Sweatshirt: This is the ideal sweatshirt to get dirty and muddy in.
  • Magnetic Pen: This gift would be a life saver for anyone who likes to fidget while they write or work on an assignment.
  • Nike Mamba Instinct Anthracite Black: These shoes are from the iconic Kobe Bryant and are very cheap for the quality; great deal right here!
  • Beard Hat: For all who enjoy goofy hats, the beard hat is perfect for the cold months.
  • George Foreman Grill: Great quick cooking if you can’t be bothered to do it the normal way.



  • Wireless Charger: Just put the phone on the wireless charger; it doesn’t require cable connection.
  • Vans: Perfect for a biker or skater in need of retro style sneakers, these shoes will hold up your style as you ride through town.
  • Video Games: Pick one based on the interests of the recipient.
  • Black bomber jacket with removable hood: Nice dark leather jacket with removable hood.
  • Lakers Christmas sweater: For a Lakers fan, it is a warm sweater with a Lakers pattern on it.
  • Smart Speaker: For lazy people who don’t want to get up and turn on music, just say which song you want to hear, and Alexa will play it for you.
  • Vans “Yacht Club”: These shoes take the classic Vans and turn them into very colorful and stylish shoes
  • Off White Socks: For the man who doesn’t care about the cost and only cares about the label.
  • Ostrich Pillow: This gift would be a life-saver for anyone that loves to nap anywhere, anytime! Imagine busting this bad boy out while everyone looks at you jealously!
  • Fluffy Slippers: Soft, cozy slippers that will keep your feet warm during the cold winter months.
  • Old Friend moccasin slippers: High-quality slippers at a reasonable price. Need I say more? Perfect for anyone who loves to be comfortable.



  • Airpods: Wireless earbuds with great audio, compatible to the iPhone.
  • NMD R1 shoes: Fashionable with built-in boost technology, great for daily wear.
  • Supreme Purple Backpack: For the hypebeast who wants to hold all of his daily necessities in a nice sturdy backpack.
  • Apple Watch: Take pictures, check the time and even connect with your phone.
  • Camera: A great camera at a great price for someone who wants to start trying photography.
  • Nintendo 2ds: Portable game console perfect for playing up-to-date games in 2018.
  • Pharrell x NMD Human Race “Inspiration Pack”: These shoes, from the Pharrell Human Race set, are full of bright and cool colors.
  • Gas card: Perfect for a young broke teen who just got his license. Need gas? This gas card will help you out for a few hundred miles!
  • Masterclass Subscription: A subscription where you get access to lots of different classes taught by famous people.
  • US Bonds: a financial interesting gift that literally keeps on giving. Scale as desired. Perfect for someone with an interest in investing.


The Splurge

  • $299 Nintendo Switch: A game system that can be used in front of a TV or on the go.
  • $350 Kobe X Elite Low Xmas: Perfect for Kobe’s fans, his most iconic shoes yet.
  • $749 Hamilton ticket: For Broadway fans and US History buffs, a modern musical with a historical theme.
  • $1,250 Supreme hoodie: Perfect for the hypebeast who wants to show off his money.
  • $1,360 Apple MacBook: A recently released laptop that is super fast and has system preferences beyond our imaginations.
  • $12,560 Inspire 2 (drone): Amazing image quality drone for filmmaking.
  • $23,500 Car: A Jeep perfect for a trail riding teen ready to tear up some dirt.
  • $45,000 Air Mag “2016 Air Mag”: These shoes are self-lacing and can make you style out in any situation.
  • $300,000 A full-ride college tuition: What gift could be better than a debt-free education?