Local schools handle walkout differently


Stadium High School paraded through Stadium District with chants and signs during the National School Walkout. Other schools stood in silence. Photo courtesy of Bella Neff

Kaitlin Tan

Annie Wright joined other local schools in the National School Walkout on Wednesday, March 14. Among these were Wilson High School, Foss High School, Stadium High School, Tacoma School of the Arts, Lincoln High School, Charles Wright Academy  and Jason Lee Middle School.

Wilson High School engaged in a protest, holding up signs and chanting, “Not in our schools, Not in our streets.” Not all participants, however, supported gun control. Some students chanted, “Second Amendment rights.”

Similarly, Foss High School had a passionate protest after a 2007 incident in which a student was shot and killed in the hallway.

Stadium High School flooded out into the Stadium District, holding up signs and parading for the entirety of the 17 minutes.

Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) also rallied in Downtown Tacoma.

Lincoln High School, like Annie Wright, had a silent protest. They held up signs in support of the #enough movement, after a 15-year-old student posted threats over social media.

Charles Wright Academy held taking final exams during the walkout. Despite losing test time, more than 30 people walked out of their exams to participate.

Jason Lee Middle School students walked out, holding up signs that read, “End gun violence” and “I shouldn’t be scared to get my education.” Students also merged their support of the Black Lives Matter movement with the walkout by holding signs that read, “End police brutality.”