Annie Wright student and teacher attend 60th Grammy Awards in New York


Jade Cheatham

Last Sunday the music industry celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and sophomore Alexandra Bessler was there. The Grammys are a music award ceremony honoring the best music that has come out in the past year.

During the first Grammys in 1959, two separate ceremonies were held, the first in Beverly Hills, California, and the second in New York City. Since then, the Grammys have mostly taken place in Los Angeles, but because of the special occasion, the show relocated to New York.

Middle School music teacher Liz Gettel has hosted Annie Wright families for the past several years as part of the school auction. This year Bessler and her mother went along with her to New York. They were able to go to the red carpet, main ceremony, and the after party.

Bessler was very enthusiastic about the experience and amazed about the proximity of their seats to the stage. “I was shocked that I was in the 4th row, and people behind me were winning Grammys,” she said.

Bessler’s favorite act was Kendrick Lamar, who opened the show with a song from his album Damn that was nominated for seven Grammys. He started off with is satirical song “XXX.” Lamar was accompanied by U2, Bono, and comedian Dave Chappelle, and the performance began with an army of hooded soldiers marching in front of an American flag, while Kendrick Lamar rapped about what he believes are the current issues in America, including gun control and police violence. Bessler said she was moved by the experience. “It really made me feel something,” she said.

Gettel’s favorite act was Lady Gaga, who performed an emotional song called “Joanne” off her album of the same name. Lady Gaga introduces the song by saying, “This is for my father’s late sister, Joanne, for love and compassion, even when you can’t understand.” At the end of the performance, Lady Gaga said “Time’s Up,” referring to the the popular movement against sexual harassment.