Rap sensation Macklemore returns to the Emerald City


Seattle marked Macklemore’s last stop for the 2017 Gemini Tour. For the fifth time, he sold out the 17,459 seated Key Arena. Photo courtesy of Wyndham Gray

Maeve Hunt

Macklemore wrapped up the Gemini Tour by bringing it back home to Seattle, where he sold out the Key Arena for the fifth time in his career.

The Gemini Tour began in early October after the album successfully sold out in the first week and hit the billboard charts in September. The tour featured all of the successful songs from the new album, plus some of the older ones from 2013 like “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love.” The tour went to 25 states and not one show was ever the same. Macklemore made sure to create a unique set list for each time he performed.

Macklemore performed two shows in Seattle, on December 22 and 23. Seattle was the last US destination of 2017 for the tour, so he made the performances extra special. The concert included a total of 18 songs, with a 4 song encore.

To make it one to remember, Macklemore even decided to do a special spoken word performance of his song “Otherside.” The song deals with the issue of substance and drug abuse, and Macklemore shared his own past experience with addiction.

“Broken, hopeless, headed nowhere, only motivation for what the dealer’s supplying. That rush, that drug, that dope, those pills, that crumb, that roach. Thinkin’ I would never do that, not that drug and growing up nobody ever does. Until you’re stuck, looking’ in the mirror like I can’t believe what I’ve become,” said Macklemore. He took the risk of making himself vulnerable by talking about his own painful memories, to warn and help others realize how easy it can be to become addicted. This dramatic version of such a powerful song made for a memorable part of the concert.

After leaving the stage, Macklemore returned for the encore and was greeted by a surprise. A video began to play on the large screen of clips from his fellow mentors, family and friends congratulating him on his accomplishments and his new achievement of selling out the Key Arena five times. Some of the people wishing him these congratulations included Russell Wilson, Shawn Kemp, Pete Carroll, Sir Mix A lot, Macklemore’s wife, Tricia Davis, and his daughter, Shilome Haggerty.

After the video played, a banner was then revealed on the ceiling of the arena next to all of the sports achievement banners that read, “Macklemore – Key Arena 5 times sold out, Congratulations.” It was a surprise to everyone, including Macklemore, and made for an interesting way to end the night.

The Macklemore Gemini concert has now concluded in the United States and will soon travel to Australia. There is no doubt that Macklemore will be back with new songs, a new album and a new tour in years to come. I highly suggest buying yourself a ticket a going to see a one of Macklemore’s tours, because I assure you it will be a night to remember.

To see some of the highlights from the night, check out this video for a recap made by Macklemore LLC.