Meet your French exchange classmates


photo courtesy of Nina Doody and Jade Cheatham

From left: French exchange student Ilona Sechet with her host sister Hannah Altayar, and French exchange student Emeline Meunier and her host sister Nina Doody. The French students travelled to Tacoma for the first half of the exchange program on December 26. They will attend Annie Wright for seven weeks.

Nina Doody

For the second year of the Annie Wright French Exchange, two students from Guerande, France, made their journey to Tacoma, WA, over winter break on December 26. The girls, Ilona Sechet and Emeline Meunier, will attend Annie Wright for seven weeks. In March, their exchange sisters, Hannah Altayar and Nina Doody, will travel to France to attend Lycée La Mennais for the second half of the program.

Here are a few quick facts about the French students:

Ilona Sechet, 15, day student

Exchange sister: Hannah Altayar
Her first impressions of the United States: “Everything is so big (cars, food, and roads…)”
Her favorites so far: Animals and cooking
Sport she plays: Windsurfing
What she does for fun: Going to theme parks and taking care of her dogs
Favorite French meal: Raclette and tartiflette
Favorite Annie Wright class: Humanities A (History and Geography)
TV shows she watches: “Riverdale,” “Atypical” and “The Good Place”
Age she started learning English: 8

Emeline Meunier, 14, boarding student

Exchange sister: Nina Doody
Her first impression of the United States: “Wow”
Her favorites so far: “Definitely” Starbucks frappuccinos
Sports she plays: Horseback riding, running and swimming
What she does for fun: Sports and hanging out with her pony
Favorite French meal: Moules frites
Favorite Annie Wright class: Chemistry
TV show she watches: “Modern Family”
Age when she started learning English: 13